SeeeTech/ProNet is composed of high-level visionary professionals dedicated to make a difference in development, implementation and proper usage of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) as well as Information, Communication, and Entertainment (ICE) solutions provider in Middle East and Africa. The founder of SeeeTech/ProNet has brought over 20 years of high level education and vast experience of developing and deploying the very sophisticated network for major companies in USA such as Alcatel-Lucent, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Nextel, etc.


SeeeTech/ProNet is dedicated to primarily advance Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for accelerated social development and economic growth in Middle East and Africa (MEA). The main objective of SeeeTech/ProNet is to become a bridge between the service providers and governmental, non-governmental, as well as private sector by establishing end-to-end consulting services, network design, and system integration with a “turn-key” and “one” platform for multiple solutions. These include professionals with high academic qualifications and/or background in:


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