The main objective of our existence is to prepare or establish State-of-the-Art and high level end-to-end network design and implementation. We are ready to deliver successful & effective services like Supply, Design, Installation, Configuration, Testing and Commissioning on the implementation of network infrastructure systems for our client.And also the purpose of our ICT project is to deliver multiple solutions with a single platform in order to make it more efficient, reliable, cost effective and modern practice for the activities of our clients.

In today’s fast growing information and communication technology (ICT), tremendous development is taking place in the area of data processing, office automation, hotel management, communication and campus networking. Our recent clients have been increasingly making use of information technology. Information Technology is playing a pivotal role in achieving institutional goals. Hence you would like to install a state of the art multiple solutions with a single platform so as to achieve its quality service rendering mission and properly put in to practice its duties. A good example of our outcome is the help of Capital Hotel & Spa to become one of the only three Five Star Hotels in Ethiopia.

We understand that the main objective of our client’s request is to provide a very professional, detail oriented and clear network design for the project mentioned in the requirements. We also understand, we will need to provide proper network layout, accurate quantity, specification, detail design and implementation of the project. This is SeeeTech/ProNet’s ultimate goal and objectives on daily bases. We already proved our professionalism and dedication by working forEthio Telecom (formerly Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation), Ministry of Work and Urban Development (for over 15 ministries & agencies), Ministry of Communication & Information Technology (IT Park), 4 & 5 stars hotels, business owners and other governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Generally, the main objective of our existence is to supply and implement the various network products and making up the building ICT networks for you. In short, such LAN will facilitate:

  • High speed data and Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) with a single Internet account, one connection and one payment.
    • File and printer sharing.
    • Document exchange for online edition and discussions.
    • E-mail and messaging or chatting.
    • Data storage and backup services.
    • Central anti-virus services.
  • IP Communication /Voice over IP (VoIP) Services
    • TDM Voice
    • VoIP
    • Unified Communication
  • Video Conferencing
    • Telepresences
    • Video Calls
  • IP Based security/surveillance services with panorama technology
  • Central and private entertainment services with multimedia technology
  • IP Based Public addressing/Background Music services
  • IP Based Access Control
  • IP Based building management system /Intelligent Building (IB)
  • Interactive TV
    • SeeeTech/ProNet solution optimizes Total Cost of Ownership, going far
      beyond traditional movie revenues:
      • E-commerce revenues (room service orders, e-shopping…)
      • Indirect revenues using TV sets and mobile screens to
        promote and sell hotel services (F&B, spas, seminars….) thanks to web-based real time
        publishing tools.
      • Advertising incomes through possible partnerships with Media companies
      • Cost reductions on printing collaterals and reduced in rooms installation costs
    • Multi Screens and Convergence
      • Convergent smartphone & tablet hotel applications promoting hotel services
      • Set-top box with integrated in-room Wi-Fi Access Points
      • Set-top box with integrated wireless video convergence to stream video
        files from iOS guest devices to the TV set
      • Set-top box with integrated Bluetooth convergence for guest devices audio streaming
      • Open architecture, interfacing the system with hotel IT services
        (room service, concierge software tool, loyalty programs…) all available
        at guests fingertips
      • Intuitive and attractive user interface, customized for each establishment.
      • Multiple entertainment contents (movies, HDTV, news, radios, MOD…)
      • Multiple information content (airport timetables, interactive city guide,
        weather forecasts, social media…)
      • Profiling management: targeted content display according to the user
        profile and personalized communication tools for seminars and groups.

SeeeTech/ProNet is a company composed of high caliber professionals with knowledge of the state-of-the-art information technology, thereby equipping it with a very high intellectual capital. It is dedicated to primarily advance information and communication technologies (ICT) accelerated social development and economic growth in Ethiopia and in Africa. It has a unique composition of highly qualified core members.



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