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E-justice, the use of Internet technology in handling various administrative procedures before, during and after the administration of justice, provides a host of possibilities throughout the legal process, from lobbying through to the provision of remote authoritative legal information and certificates. It is seen by many as the key to streamlining and expediting justice.

What is e-justice?

“E-justice” can be defined as the use of technology, information and communication to improve access of citizens to justice and effective judicial action, which consists of dispute settlement or the imposition of criminal sanctions.

The development of e-justice is a key element in the modernization of judicial systems. Since creating a judicial network portal in civil and commercial matters in 2003 the Commission has supported the implementation of a justice atlas in criminal and civil cases enabling practitioners to determine the appropriate judicial authorities in different parts of the EU.

The Commission considers that the first objective of e-justice is to enhance the effectiveness of justice throughout Europe for its citizens and priority is being given to developing an electronic signature (E-signature) and electronic identity (E-identity), which are particularly interesting from a judicial point of view.

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