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ICT termed Information Communications Technologies' is the engagement and embracing of technology and the interaction and communications' of electronic information in various ways, to aid supporting business activities.

ICT involves any type of interaction of IT equipment, resource or software used in the teaching environment whereby information or material is manipulated into an electronic or digital format and whereby pupils draw their knowledge and understanding. This may be done through use of computers, laptops, video conferencing, whiteboards and internet media. This applies to both staff and pupils to meet the changes and advances in technology and business mediums.

Additional Aims:

  • Develop ICT capability in finding and using resources
  • Develop ICT effective communications
  • Develop the use of hardware and software and migrate uses for other curricular subject areas and activities
  • Explore benefits of ICT applications and value contribution in society
  • Enable the interaction element of teaching, hands on approach
  • Broaden the understanding of ICT and give responsibility for their own learning, providing tools and resources as appropriate to use and integrated into their work
  • Flexibly working-sharing ideas and working with others widening communications.

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